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Consistent with its objective to enhance its clients' business performance, FiPar focuses on developing best-practice procedures to effectively manage fiduciary risks, accelerate revenue growth, control costs, expand markets and ensure service excellence.  Strategies initiated to achieve these objectives include developing and implementing systems, processes and controls that result in defined but flexible parameters coupled with tight controls to promote standardization and uniformity.
General services include:
  • Start-ups
  • Expansions
  • Turnarounds
  • Closures
  • Crisis management
  • Conversions
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Litigation support


Specific services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Charter applications
  • Risk assessments
  • Fiduciary liability assessments
  • Organizational and operational reengineering
  • Product development
  • Interim and extended on-site crisis management
  • Compliance reviews
  • Litigation analysis
  • Vendor product and service evaluations
  • Investment management platform design
  • Fee enhancements
  • Marketing strategies


Leading Services


Feasibility Studies

FiPar conducts feasibility studies to evaluate merits of forming trust departments and trust companies.  Studies are conducted in two parts:  "Quick & Dirty" and comprehensive.

"Quick and Dirty" studies provide essential decision-critical information without supporting documentation.  Comprehensive reports provide greater depth and breath of information needed to render informed decisions coupled with supporting documentation to justify conclusions.

1. "Quick & Dirty" Studies--Analysis includes an evaluation of:

  • Underlying fiduciary risks
  • Operating costs
  • Capitalization requirements
  • Market demand
  • Competitive threats
  • Regulatory environment
  • Alternative options

2. Comprehensive Studies--Comprehensive studies represent definitive reports addressing decision-critical issues as outlined above and includes observations and perspectives on:

  • Financial projections
  • Profitability timelines
  • Distribution channels
  • Business lines
  • Corporate & organizational structures
  • Investment approach
  • Systems, processes and controls
  • Staff requirements
  • Vendor evaluations


Charter Applications

FiPar assists organizations in preparing charter applications, including preparation of business plans and meeting with regulators.


Crisis Management & Support Services

FiPar offers both interim and extended on-site and remote crisis management and support services, including trouble-shooting, fraud detection and defusing of highly-sensitive situations.  Need for services can be prompted by discovery of major regulatory irregularities and fiduciary liability issues.  


Turnaround Specialists

FiPar offers extensive, hands-on services in reengineering smaller community trust departments experiencing weak organizational and operational infrastructures, fiduciary exposure, non-compliance matters, weak market demand, low fee structures and similar issues.


Risk Assessments

FiPar conducts assessments to evaluate conditions and success opportunities of trust organizations based on fiduciary and business risks.  Evaluations can include an analysis of organizational and operational structure,  compliance, risk management, markets, competition, industry trends, vision and corporate culture as well as systems, processes and controls.


Marketing Strategeis

FiPar offers customized marketing strategies to position banks and other trust providers to optimize their success opportunities.  This is accompished through a combination of innovative, cost-efficient investment programs to customized business development techniques designed to capitalize on market differentiation. 




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