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FiPar converts trust organizations into investment advisory firms along with divesting or transitioning accounts and assets.  Conversely, FiPar helps advisory firms convert to trust companies.

Too often, smaller community bank trust departments lack capabilities to develop sufficient scope or economies of scale to warrant expense, risk and commitment of operating trust departments when such success opportunities are weighed against an often-times weak market demand. Thus, a growing number of community banks are seeking alternative options to serve their customers' ever-growing demand for investment management services. Consequently, such banks are evaluating benefits associated with offering investment management services via RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors).  FiPar can assist in this endeavor--both with assessments and conversions.


Similarly, larger advisory firms are repositioning their organizations to better serve their clients with more sophisticated and comprehensive wealth management solutions by converting to trust companies.  FiPar assists advisory firms in identifying, assessing and acquiring or establishing trust companies with either state or federal charters.

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